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Universal Studios Lot G

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  • Median Entry 3.26.16
  • Lot G Morley
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Morley Construction
Universal City, CA

With more than 7 million patrons visiting Universal Studios just last year, a new parking structure was needed to accommodate the increasing number of guests. Morley completed the impressive 1.8 million sf, nine-level parking structure utilizing more than 67,000 cubic yards of concrete - adding more than 3,900 parking spaces. With architectural services by International Parking Design, the new structure features four vehicular bridges, a cast-in-place helix ramp, a two-way crescent ramp and a pedestrian bridge.

The Morley team resolved concerns of automobile noise by utilizing innovative, rubber-coated steel expansion joints which significantly dampened the sound of cars traveling throughout the garage. Three-dimensional laser scanning on the pedestrian bridge - which connects all nine levels of parking to a single public pathway into the theme park - ensured ADA compliance and aided in meeting the schedule. Additional scope items included underground utilities, installing an electrical substation and roadway work leading to the parking structure.

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